Fundraising Website Templates

Start your fundraising website with a ready-made template, then edit colors, text, and layout to bring your brand and story to life. Funraise's donation page templates are designed with nonprofit fundraising best practices in mind.

Each new Campaign Site begins with a flexible default template perfect for many fundraising strategies.
Default Dark
Dark navigation and dark page backgrounds make for a bold Campaign Site experience.
Donation Page Fullscreen
Featuring a fullscreen banner image with bold headline and donation button, this template is excellent as a landing or general donation page.
Donation Page Splitscreen
A splitscreen layout with bold banner image and space for donation details will work wonderfully as your general donation page.
Donation Page Story
This template offers a wide banner image and plenty of body space to tell your compelling story, making it a good fit for focused initiatives or donation asks.
Donation Campaign
The bold banner image, progress bar, and donation feeds on this template celebrate donors and progress during capital campaigns and giving days.
Peer-to-peer Campaign
Bold banner images, fundraiser pages, progress bars, and feeds: everything you need to provide an exceptional peer-to-peer fundraising experience.
Event Ticketing
Sell tickets, manage registrations, and collect donations at your event. Your all-in-one ticketing solution has arrived.