Facebook + Funraise

Sync Funraise peer-to-peer pages with Facebook Fundraiser pages for a multi- channel, revenue-boosting approach.

Facebook Fundraiser
Increase Campaign Revenue

Increase your peer-to-peer fundraisers’ reach by enabling them to create a synced Facebook Fundraiser page.

Facebook Donations Reporting

View and manage Facebook donations in Funraise’s platform. Create donation segments to see the impact of your synced Facebook Fundraisers.

Your Fundraisers can create synced Facebook Fundraiser pages

Your peer-to-peer Fundraisers can create a synced Facebook Fundraiser page from your campaign site during sign up or anytime after. When they create a Facebook Fundraiser page through your campaign site, donations to either page will show on both pages.

Facebook donation data is synced automatically

When a donation is made on Facebook through a Fundraiser page created from your campaign site, the donation data is automatically sent to Funraise.

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