Mailchimp + Funraise

Set Mailchimp to send automated emails and segmented email blasts on your behalf using donor data pulled from Funraise.

Mailchimp Dashboard
What can you do with the superduo of Funraise & Mailchimp?
  • Automatically send new donors and fundraiser info to Mailchimp
  • Automate email flows in Mailchimp based on donation & fundraising activity
  • Send segmented emails from Mailchimp based on total donation amounts
  • Send donation asks from Mailchimp based on a donor’s last donation date
Send valuable donor data to Mailchimp, for example
  • Name
  • Email
  • Wealth scores
  • Total donated
  • Total fundraised
  • First donation date
  • Last donation date
  • Donation count
  • Donor Tags

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