Salesforce + Funraise

Ta Da! Send Funraise data to Salesforce to access advanced reporting and automations. Combine Funraise fundraising tech and Salesforce solutions to deliver smart scalability and data-driven growth to your nonprofit.

Salesforce Dashboard
What can you do with a Funraise & Salesforce powerhouse combo?
  • Use Salesforce NPSP
  • Use Salesforce standard objects
  • Create reports and dashboards in Salesforce to show fundraising data
  • Send info on donor, donation, campaign, fundraiser, tasks, and interactions to Salesforce
  • Use parent & child campaign rollups
To give you an idea, here’s a small list of data that flows to Salesforce

Contact information and demographics

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Tags
  • Wealth scoring
  • Total Donation Amount
  • Total Donation Count
  • Last Donation Date
  • First Donation Date
  • Total Soft Credit Amount
  • Total Soft Credit Count

Donation data

  • Amount
  • URL
  • Form name
  • Dedication info
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Allocations

Campaign data

  • Member roles
  • Fundraiser page data
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