The Nonprofit Executive Director's Work-With-Your-Board Workbook

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Our Love Letter to Executive Directors Everywhere

We hear you, Executive Director: working with your board of directors can sometimes be a challenge. But fear not! We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you develop your board members into the awesome nonprofit directorship your organization needs.

With this workbook, you’ll acquire the vision to improve your board and your relationship with them. You'll get expert advice, assessment tools, and the clarity to assess what’s really going on with your board so that you can identify key areas for improvement.

The Work-with-your-board Workbook offers guidance to help you:
  • Build an effective nonprofit board of directors
  • Create rock-solid job descriptions for board members
  • Intentionally retain and recruit board members
  • Build a BFF relationship with your board chair
  • Know how to run a nonprofit board meeting—efficiently and effectively
  • Implement nonprofit board member self-assessments that get results
  • Develop an A+ process for onboarding new board members
  • Cultivate high-functioning committees
  • Put a successful succession plan in place
  • Build a healthy team culture based on communication

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