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Mastering the Zen of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Behold, the age-old practice of peer-to-peer fundraising…

Since the dawn of time, this custom has been cultivated by our ancestors, fundraising for Neanderthal rights and wooly mammoth freedoms. While P2P is a successful fundraising strategy, only the most skilled fundraisers throughout history have been able to proceed with P2P fundraising campaigns stress-free. Read on to tap into the peer-to-peer zen of these fundraising masters.

Take a look at what you get in the Mastering the Zen of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising guide.

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It's just like learning ninja fundraising secrets from your nonprofit sensei.
  • Tips and tricks for mega-successful peer-to-peer sites
  • The 4 fundamentals of P2P fundraising
  • How to convince your supporters to fundraise
  • The right way to support your fundraisers
  • Lots of examples of radical P2P sites
  • Ways to make your job easier on you and your fundraisers

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