Text Engagement

Text Engagement

Text-to-give for nonprofits that results in higher engagement and a donation conversion—with connected data—right on your campaign site.

Text Engagement
Cut through the clutter

This isn't just a communication channel for the next generation. Text Engagement is the person-to-person communication you need today.

SMS Open Rates


vs 18% for email
SMS click through rates


vs 6-7% for email

Sources: Twilio, Mailchimp, SlickText

Speak directly to your donors

If you like it, put a ring text on it

Calling donors has its time and place, but dang, texting is easier. ...and today's digital donors think so, too. Funraise has made it simpler than ever.

Speak directly to your donors
Personalized, branded text messaging

You did it your way

Because Text Engagement is connected to your all-in-one donor CRM, you can send messages as easily as you send emails, and with the same personalized touch.

Personalized, branded text messaging
Donors give on your campaign site

Keep your donations!

No more cell carriers holding your donations hostage. Donations are made on your campaign pages, so you get the money right away—and you don't have to pay exorbitant text-to-give fees.

Donors give on your campaign site

Text is the name, Engagement is the game.

Safety is Priority #1

Stop and think about traditional text-to-give: you text a random number and your cell phone bill is charged. Text Engagement directs donors to your campaign page for a safe mobile donation experience.

Event donations galore!

Yet another way to accept donations at your event! In conjunction with the Funraise App, Text Engagement puts your event guests at a 360-degree donation capacity.

Your texts, your words

Use your brand, your voice, and your cause to connect with donors via Text Engagement. Your nonprofit's mission shines through when the message is crystal clear.


Craft snackable content that donors can forward or share with a click and send it with a donation link.

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