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Healing and community building for human trafficking victims, one BeLoved home at a time

Home Sweet Home is an age-old adage associated with warm and fuzzy feelings of comfort, safety, and stability, but for victims of human trafficking, having a safe place to call home is so often out of reach. BeLoved is making it their mission to change that by providing homes for trafficked women to heal and flourish so they can rediscover their value, celebrate their wins, and develop skills to start life anew.

With the power of Funraise’s nonprofit CRM, BeLoved has been able to seamlessly connect with donors who support their cause through fundraising campaign sites easily integrated into the BeLoved website, making it easy for the organization to collect meaningful donor data, all in one easy-to-use platform.

“Whenever you donate to BeLoved, you’re able to stay right on our website and the donation immediately goes into our donor database. I’m not inputting individual donations anymore, and can get meaningful data because it’s all in one place together.” 

– Amelia Quinn, President & Founder

BeLoved Expands their Digital Reach with Funraise

Thanks to Funraise, BeLoved experienced: 

  • 32% more dollars donated online 
  • 69% more online donations

BeLoved’s impressive increase in online donations was made possible with support from Funraise’s powerful all-in-one nonprofit CRM.

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