DIGDEEP Doubles World Water Day Donations During the COVID-19 Disaster

March 31, 2021
5 minutes

DIGDEEP had everything ready for World Water Day 2020 (March 22). Campaign site, donor communications, and an OMG-worthy matching goal of $90,000. Then COVID-19 hit...

...and they had to figure out how to fundraise differently—fast. Luckily, DIGDEEP, a human rights nonprofit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water forever, had Funraise and CauseMic on their side, so spinning up a new campaign site and pulling data from their CRM was simple.

Here's their World Water Day story across the years of the pandemic.


DIGDEEP brought their bring-it-on mindset to World Water Day 2020, quickly blowing past their initial stretch goal and increasing their matching amount to $120,000, and finally hitting almost $150,000 in donations. This success was the result of sharply pivoting their World Water Day campaign, tying their need to a global rallying cry going as viral as COVID-19 handwashing.

George McGraw, Founder and CEO of DIGDEEP, said,

"When COVID-19 hit, our clients' lack of water heightened their risk of contracting the virus. Funraise made it simple to refocus our World Water Day campaign and provided an easy way for donors to make a difference."

DIGDEEP has grown in leaps and bounds since moving to Funraise in 2018, more than doubling their World Water Day donations year-over-year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their donations through Funraise are the stuff nonprofit dreams are made of:

  • March 2018 = $38,050
  • World Water Day 2019 = $64,805
  • World Water Day 2020 = $130,044


If you thought DIGDEEP nailed it in 2020, take a seat, because not only did DIGDEEP literally double down with a World Water Day 2021 goal of $180k—yes, double their 2020 goal—they challenged themselves to bring clean water to 110 Appalachian families deep in the the mountain hollers of West Virginia through their Appalachia Water Project. So, did they achieve their goal?

(Drumroll, please!)

Wow! DIGDEEP surpassed their 2021 $180k goal by more than $10k.


In 2022, DIGDEEP took a different route to doubling their World Water Day donations—they got a matching grant for $200,000. By drawing in over $150,000 in donations on their 2022 campaign site and double that in matching grants (as of this update), DIGDEEP has shown the world what can only be described as a heckuva World Water Day 2022.

DIGDEEP continues to bring their best to help people across America. Year over year over year, Funraise has allowed DIGDEEP to grow not just their donations, but also their team, database, and ultimately, impact, even during a large-scale global crisis.

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