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From a college good deed to a multi-million dollar nonprofit

Blythe Hill has taken Dressember places she never imagined her organization could go. As she said, it seemed “bonkers” to think she could raise money just by getting dressed. But now, multiple Decembers, thousands of donations, and countless lives impacted have shown that the pathway Blythe created adds heart and a cause to something we do every day.

Dressember uses Funraise for fundraising

Dressember’s powerful peer-to-peer campaigns​ are housed on Funraise, so there’s never any spreadsheets to sift through. Blythe can view donor data anytime, allowing her to keep every Dressember advocate in the loop all year long.​ 

Thanks to Funraise, Dressember experienced:

  • ​42% more donations year over year.
  • ​39% more donation dollars year over year.
  • ​34% more fundraisers year over year.

The incredible growth Dressember’s experienced since 2013 is powered with support from your nonprofit champions here at Funraise.​​

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