YMCA of Middle Tennessee

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Modernizing the gala experience

The YMCA of Middle Tennessee was ready for their annual gala event. They had a beautiful venue, enthusiastic volunteers, and a room full of generous donors. To take things to the next level, the YMCA added a new element to their event: the Funraise Reader at every table. Accepting credit card donations onsite and on-demand helped the organization make some significant gains. The synchronized fundraising meter displayed on giant screens allowed patrons to see their donations in real-time and every dollar toward that goal raised the level of excitement in the room.

"Intuitive, user-friendly. Made it easier for people to donate. Donations via credit card were 3-5 times larger than in previous years."

Elise Dugger, Associate Director

Creating excitement around giving

"It didn't matter how somebody wanted to donate or how much they wanted to give; they could. Then it was instantly updated on the thermometer which generated a lot of excitement." said Susan Moriarty, Executive Director. That huge feeling of excitement carried on after the event, with messages and calls to congratulate the staff. "Normally, I'm out there running around and sweating. Things aren't working right and I am trying to troubleshoot and keep the event moving forward. That's not what happened this time. My pictures from the last few years have been less-than-flattering, but this year I look pretty darn good!"