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Funraise App

Nonprofit fundraising, wherever, whenever.

Funraise App
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Collect in person donations instantly.

Collect donations on the go with the Funraise app. Every transaction seamlessly syncs with your Funraise account, making donor data entry obsolete.

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Your donation activity is always within reach.

Get a bird's eye view of every donation. Whether you're on a beach, in line at Disneyland, or on your couch, your donation activity is always accessible through the Funraise app.

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Get hype with every swipe.

Connect your fundraising website to Funraise's mobile fundraising platform and display live donation activity at your next event. Build excitement as you hit your fundraising goal.

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Database Updates, Anywhere

Manage donor profiles on the go.

Get Funraise's mobile app to update your donor database in a snap.

Database Updates, Anywhere

Your trusty fundraising buddy, always at your side.

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Giving events made easy.

The Readers from Funraise are fantastic. Not only are they simple to use and come along with amazing customer support, but having the option to take credit cards at our in-person events has opened up a new stream of creative fundraising for us.

Todd Hiestand

Compassion First

When people saw their donations and names update live on the screen, it created an experience everyone wanted to be a part of. Thanks to the simplicity of Funraise technology, over 70% of our guests participated in giving, allowing us to surpass our ambitious fundraising goal in less than 15 minutes.

John Mooney

Liberty in North Korea

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